on Wednesday 9 February 2011

Kjersti Skjellaug is an interior graduate, free lance photographer and graphic designer but also a blogger behind Kjerstis Lykke. Her wonderful blog about her home is a spring of inspiration for many interior design and blog lovers. Most of the furniture that she bought is old and used but she would not exchange them for anything in the world. "Industry" and "nostalgia" are two words she uses in her blog and they cover up for how she arranged her home.

The old house in which she lives with her family is located on a small island in the archipelago outside Tønsberg in Norway. The interior of the house is totally white and rich with handmade pieces of furniture and decorations such as living room coffee table, TV bench, and some sofa cushion that have Kjerstis' signature. The inside of her home is simple and beautiful combination between romantic and industrial where old furniture meets modern accessories and where white walls, floor and ceiling are in contrast with steel, natural materials and pastel colors.