on Tuesday 30 March 2010

My previous post was about spacious contemporary house where space limitation was not an issue, however when you are living in a small apartment and you have limited space then you need to squeeze a lot of  different rooms in just one small room. When it comes to kitchen integrated into living area some designers break limits within limited spaces.

Helena hidden kitchen is a part of Cooking & Living Series and it is a unique solution for limited spaces designed by Logos.

LOGOS is a design company located in Spain. Its history began 56 years ago, when Félix Etxabe opened a small workshop in Zaldibia, Spain. Over the years, Logos expanded the company but from the start to today, Logos business is specially focused on different needs of each customer depending on their background.

Helena hidden kitchen got its name from its owner a young lady Helena, which had a challenging demand. The idea was to build a living area in roomy, comfortable apartment and since she is not into cooking very much she wanted a kitchen that would occupy very little space. The result was this amazingly hidden cooking place behind glossy orange folding doors. It is a originally designed kitchen that has all the utilities a large kitchen is equipped with, even though it can easily be mistaken for a normal bedroom furniture. When you see it you will realize it is all you need from a kitchen.

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