on Tuesday 2 November 2010

Some might say this interior lacks color, and I will agree to the point, however even without a color, those straight clear lines of custom produced furniture totally capture the eye.

Tamizo Architects Group is a young and innovative company from Lodz in Poland officially registered in 2006 and made up of four ambitious designers who thrive on contemporary industrial and residential designs. They are mainly involved in modern projects whose source is simplicity and functionality, acting according to the philosophy of ‘less is more’ by one of the inspiring architects named Mies van der Rohe.

With this project, Tamizo was confronted with the task of designing and outfitting home with 85 square meters of usable area. This private residence interior project was finished earlier this year.  The interior design style created within the walls is very modern, minimalist and features extremly efficient layout. A large modern sofa and an accompanying rectangular coffee table dominate the living room area, the dining area features a sizable wooden table with eight modern white dining chairs. Both the living and dining areas have modern white lamp fixtures that totaly lift up the whole place and bring different rooms together. The color palette employed is restricted to shades of black, white and grey and throughout the floors are light, industrial wooden planks.