on Sunday 27 February 2011

This marvelous country house in a village 28 miles west of Paris is a home of Jane Whitfield a designer for Luis Vuitton, her husband Jens a designer for Tommy Hilfiger and their two children Betty and Stanley. The house, which was last altered in the 1870s, is tall and stone-built, made from two houses joined together. It forms a square around a paved courtyard with a huge cedar of Lebanon at its center and some of the walls are covered in creepers. With all that greenery through the windows, Whitfield decided to keep the color on the inside relatively neutral, and each of its three floors has its own look. The ground floor is the most modern and minimalist, with a pale poured-concrete floor and plain painted walls, the first floor is softer with lovely wallpapers, floaty linen curtains and pale antique furniture, while the attics are simple, bold and rustic.The simplicity of the putty and off-white color scheme makes it all work together. 

Photographer: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

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