on Thursday 5 May 2011

You are sitting in your office, music silently coming out from your radio, here and then you mumble a few words of the song you hear, but most of the time you are ignoring all the sounds, cause you have deadlines on your shoulders squeezing you closer to your monitor, you twist yourself holding your mouse stronger thinking that this will help you speed up whatever you are doing. 
However it only makes your neck and shoulders scream silently in unbearable pain. 
When you feel this pain do you ever stop and wonder what is that that you are doing anyway?....
Do you ever stop and sing along with a radio?...

Well today while I was racing with my deadlines I noticed with the corner of my eye a movement outside my window. And there it was, a lil sparrow, looking at me!
He tilt his head to the side like he wanted to ask me the same question, what is that that you are doing? Are you so busy that you can't even look out through your window? See, I'm free on this side of the window, you look to me like you are in some kind of cage? Is it, a cage, this place where you are? 
And then he turned away self-confidently and flew away to his freedom. 
He made me smile. This little bird made me forget everything I was doing a second ago, and everything seemed so brightly simple for a moment, just like a beautiful song.

♥              Find more reasons to smile every day!  :)                

I wish I could save the moment with my camera.... Here are few photos from the fast and lucky ones.



Lately this has been one of my favorite songs, it is perfect for careless humming! :)