on Tuesday 9 August 2011

The greatest impression in this bright apartment leaves the natural wood floor made from the 10 meter long and 45 centimeter wide Douglas fir planks from Dinesen. Long boards go from one end of the apartment to the other without joints. The English architect Anouska Hempel behind  the renovation of this old luxurious apartment in central Copenhagen used Douglas Dinesen wide planks to create unique effect that unifies and enlarges a room at the same time. Elegantly rustic and innovatively historical, the style of a Dinesen floor is so individual that it is the natural, perfect choice even for this minimalist urban apartment that generates aesthetic value which will last for centuries. It is surely the first thing you notice in this apartment and the last thing you will let out of your sight.
Some of the furniture in the apartment are made of the same planks as the floor, including the dining table, so it creates an illusion that the floor goes up in a bridge. The heat from the floor and indirect lighting in the apartment add a relaxed and homely atmosphere. The final result is a bright apartment with an unmistakable, minimalist style, which is further underlined by the thorough clean, simple lines of the immaculate flooring.