on Sunday 10 April 2011

I just found this great little apartment with everything you need squeezed into 38 square meters! It is on sale by Swedish real estate agent Eklund. It is located in Baggensgatan 27 in Stockholm on the second floor of the building dating from 1336. All in one room is visually diagonally divided by colors into two parts - the living and relaxing area. Kitchen with dining table draw and living area on the white painted side and sleeping area with the pull-out bed, sofa and entrance hall painted in black. Separate bathroom is a mixture of black and white. The light hardwood floor adds warmth to the whole apartment and the small carpets that grandmas use to make create sweet and welcoming atmosphere. White painted brick wall around the clean lines of pendent kitchen cabinets is enlarging the kitchen with a neat light trick that makes the kitchen look gorgeous and spacious. Soft colored pillows on the gray sofa and plaited chairs call for relaxation in this cozy beautiful space.