on Saturday 9 April 2011

Have you ever wondered why canvas is always plain white? Well here is your answer....

Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos is a Greek-born German-living interior consultant, decorator, crafter, an ever learning, self- taught photographer, and a former teacher of English with a degree in Psychology. She is a blogger behind  Domestic Stories with Ivy, and Busy Bee and also Etsy shop - Ivy style creator. Her passions are crafts, photography and travelling and her white canvas is her home.

Her penthouse located in Frankfurt, Germany is a two floor 65 square meters loft like apartment painted completely in white. White walls and white furniture bought at IKEA are a base for her endless creativity including some homemade pieces of  furniture. White is a great choice of color if you want light to be the main element in your decoration and for creating a personal touch that allows easy changes of colors and style and Ivy surely knows how to use white at its best.

The living room in the penthouse seems so casual and effortless. My favorite are the crafts on the walls:
          - the roll of vintage wallpaper in golden and silver tones rolled out as a huge papyrus next to a gigantic pale beige natural wood tree branch in the shape of a wishbone on the wall behind the sofa
          - the art on the wall in reading corner - a framed wallpaper samples in IKEA frames.


      If ivy's style inspires you, go to her Flickr page and see more of her amazing penthouse in Frankfurt.
      Also see some of her ideas on Ikea family live. :)