on Monday 2 August 2010

This amazing and inviting dream House on a lake shore in Montauk, NY is a project by Murdock Young Architects. MYA was founded in 1999 by Shea Murdock and Robert Young. Their residential projects are reflecting the beauty and simplicity of the internal spaces in harmony with landscape and materials they use.

The construction and interiors of this contemporary lakefront home were finished in 2007. The property includes a main house with a pool, a three-bedroom guest home, and a barn. The contemporary architecture of the compound fuses modern design with the aesthetic vernacular of the other local gabled residences. On the exterior you will find cedar shingles, white-painted wood and large glass windows. Inside elements include exposed structural trussed and ceiling supports, gray-painted pine floors, and driftwood-clad storage elements that subdivide the interiors. 

The interior design features modern decor fixtures. The kitchen is made up of stainless steel appliances and the interior and outdoor living spaces are outfitted with simple, modern furniture. The fact the interior is mostly colored white with splashes of other neutral colors, gives the home a safe, carefree feeling. An aggregate of smaller, informal living spaces carefully composed to disguise the bulk of the building and create a variety of views and experiences, each structure centers on a great room open to the northern water views and the southern sun and breezes. This ambiance is perfect for a home overlooking a lake and taking in the lake’s seasonal breezes.



 And this is the guest house....


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+ Photography: Micheal Moran